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Banana Humberto 2000  Recorded live  at ODC Theater in San Francisco on OCT. 4 2002

Terry Riley, Steinway D Grand Piano
 Paul Hanson, Bassoon with electronics
Tracy Silverman, Electric Viola with electronics
Paul Dresher      Electric Guitar
Joel Davel            Mallet kat
Marja Murtu       Synthesizer
Gene Reffkin      Midi Drums
Washed Ashore 18:20
The Maze  7:30
Goodbye Goodtime Blues for Milleniums Child  15:39
Danzero  13:28
BH2K was commissioned by the Paul Dresher Ensemble and first performed on Feb. 10, 2001 at. Stanford University as part of the Lively Arts Festival and featured Terry Riley as piano soloist.  The fifty-minute work is in four movements.  
The work takes the form of a chamber concerto and was written specifically for the performance capabilities of the Dresher Ensemble and guest soloist Tracy Silverman on Electric Viola.
The first movement is the most classical in form and content opening with a piano solo that leads to the opening theme. After variations on the opening them the driving secondary subject is introduced and then combined with the opening theme.  There follows more secondary themes that lead into the spacious Chorale from which the movement derives it’s name.
Then follows a piano cadenza that leads to the Eastern sounding Coda, which concludes the movement.

 The Maze is a Labyrinthine movement based on polymetric patterns that float over a 17 beat rhythmic cycle.  It is scored in an open way to allow the ensemble choices on how to assemble the flow of the music

 Goodbye Goodtimes Blues for Millenniums Child is my one Millennium piece, feeling fortunate to be one of those having a foot in both the 20th and 21st centuries..  The inspiration was to create an old time blues tune, reminiscent of the music of the 20’s and 30’s that gives way to a more hard core version of 21st century Blues showing how this old “American Raga” is capable of so many expressions as it crosses over this imaginary time marker.  This movement is open to large sections of improvisation.

 Danzero, a made-up name for  a movement with  south American flavoring.  It is the concluding movement containing shifting rhythms and tempos combining the tunefulness of Brazilian Choros superimposed on compound and polyrhythmic structures.  Toward the end of the movement there are many improvised solos over the Latin groove that impels  the highly energized ending.

The long awaited CD release of LES YEUX FERMES and LIFESPAN, two of Terry Riley's most popular film scores of the early 1970's.
Both of these albums, originally issued as LP's, have been out of print for 30 years.  Now they are back, beautifully re-mastered digitally from the old reel to reel masters recently discovered by Thomas Welsh in the storage vaults of Europe.  This music can now be experienced as never before in a greatly enhanced digital format.
If you have enjoyed such albums as A RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR  and POPPY NOGOOD AND THE PHANTOM BAND,  you will be happy you selected this CD as all the music was
composed in the same era.  These are solo albums with Terry playing all the instrumental parts on Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano, Voice, Soprano Saxophone, Hammond B3 organ
Yamaha console organ and assorted clavichords and electric keys.

The first of the long awaited recordings from the historic Raga Cycle
concerts which took place at the Palace Theatre in Paris, 1972 is now

One of the undeniable beauties of Indian Classical Music is its strong
connection to nature and especially the binding relationship of Raga
melodies to their appropriate time of day. An elegant curve of melody,
a subtle lowering of pitch, or an assertiveness attached to a
particular note help to define the effect of a Raga. There are Ragas
for all the times of day and night as well as seasons and when they are
sung at their appropriate time their effectiveness is noticeably
enhanced. Pandit Pran Nath's knowledge of this musical science was
extraordinary and he made it his life's work to probe deeply with his
expressive voice the true character of each raga using his matchless
pitch discrimination and compelling emotional range. Accompanying Pran
Nath in these Palace Theatre Concerts are his American disciples, La
MonteYoung and Marian Zazeela, tambouras, and Terry Riley, tabla. The
Raga Cycle at the Palace Theatre in Paris, 1972 showcased Pandit Pran
Nath at the peak of his powers. The Raga Cycle took place over three
consecutive days. Friday, May 28th night ragas, Saturday May 29th,
late afternoon ragas and Sunday, May 30th The Raga Cycle at the Palace
Theatre in Paris, 1972 showcased Pandit Pran Nath at the peak of his
powers. The Raga Cycle took place over three consecutive days. Friday,
May 28th night ragas, Saturday May 29th, late afternoon ragas and
Sunday, May 30th
Terry Riley
Atlantis Nath
Sri Moonshine Studios is happy to announce it's first release, Atlantis Nath, recorded, mixed and edited during the period of 1993-98 in Nice France at the CIRM studios.  This is a special signed and numbered edition of 1000 CDs!
Terry's first big studio production since the 1978 Shri Camel is a 74-minute seamless journey featuring voices, strings, synthesizer, piano and loops from India.  The CD is packaged in a natural paper 6-panel foldout with radiant Asian inspired illustrations meticulously designed and rendered by New York artist, Chris Harvey.
Included on the recording is the final scene of Terry's opera based on the life and works of Adolf Woelfli, "The Crucifixion of My Humble Self" as well as "Emerald Runner" "Ascencion" and "Remember this O Mind."
Produced by Terry and the masterful CIRM STUDIOS team of Luc Martinez and Michel Redolfi, this recording shines with state of the art Sonics and performance.  Terry sings and plays all voice, piano and synthesizer parts on these tracks with guest appearances by the Nice Opera String Quintet and Frédéric L'Epée, Guitar.
A must have for collectors and Riley fans!
A new collaboration by poet Michael McClure and Terry Riley recorded at the Sri Moonshine Ranch (2003-2004) features the mesmerizing voice of McClure on his own PLUMSTONES: CARTOONS OF NO HEAVEN and GHOST TANTRAS. Riley creates a spellbinding counterpart on his Yamaha Midi Grand piano improvising an effortless undulating sound current which sensuously embraces the rich imagery. A real marriage of two masters of psychedlia.
Pandit Pran Nath, India's Master Vocalist and the Guru of La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Terry Riley
Pandit Pran Nath Midnight: Raga Malkauns features a 1971 live performance of Raga Malkauns, one of his most intense and powerful and a 1976 studio performance of the same raga and the same compositions that is both well recorded and extremely masterful.  Together in one release, the two performances provide a rare opportunity to study and compare and enjoy the range of expressiveness of this great raga and the breadth of musicianship evidenced by the renderings of Pandit Pran Nath.

Food for the Bearded
Debut solo CD of original works, plus premiere recording of Piedad by Terry Riley, New Albion Label.

Gyan's debut CD of original works displays a wide range of compositional and improvisational abilities. The music is harmonically rich and rhythmically compelling. Early influences of jazz and Indian music blend with later-absorbed classical and Spanish traditions, all of which are funneled through a unique use of the idiomatic resources of the guitar.
"It is not only an extraordinary capacity to interpret a wide variety of idioms with ease and integrity, depth of expression, inventive and adventurous improvising, interesting, intricate and deeply felt compositions; but also more subtle personal and spiritual qualities that make Gyan a unique and exceptional artist."
- Dusan Bogdanovic

The Lisbon Concert
A solo Piano album performed by Terry Riley at the Capuchos festival in
Lisbon, 1995 Picked as one of the 5 best albums of 1997 by Keyboard
magazine founder, Tom Darter.
A Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles
A collaborative album with Terry Riley, synthesizers and Stefano
Scodanibbio, the virtuoso Italian double bassist.
No Mans Land
The film score for Alan Tanner's film of the same name with music by
Terry Riley performed by Terry, Krishna Bhatt and Zakir Hussein.
The Persian Surgery Dervishes
A re-release of the 1970's classic that originally appeared on the
Shandar label which documents two versions of the same piece. One a live
recording from Los Angeles, the other a live recording from Paris. A 2 CD set.
Chanting the Light of Foresight
Saxophone Quartet in 5 movements performed by Rova.
Salome Dances for Peace
A two CD set of Riley's epic 5 string quartet cycle exquisitely played by
Kronos. A Grammy nominee and a milestone in string quartet literature.
The Padova Concert
A live recording of the Harp of New Albion from Padova Italy which also
features a rare performance of selections from Salome Dances for Peace on
Just Intonation Piano.
A Rainbow in Curved Air and Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
This is the Classic that launched the revolution in cyclic modal music with dazzling pyrotecnic
displays of cascading shimmering scales and arpeggiated figures all played live on a variety of
1960's electronic intstruments and the first big album to use sophisticated tape delay loops
designed by Terry and worked in collaboration with CBS engineer, Glen Kolotkin. This was
virtually the first multitrack album recorded in 8 track at CBS in 68. They had just wheeled
the new machine in as Terry was starting his sessions Considered by many to be Terry's greatest early Masterpiece.
Shri Camel
Terry's last CBS recording dating from 1978 features him playing a
Yamaha YC 45 D electronic 2 manuel organ customized to play in
Quadrophonic and Tuned in Just intonation. This is a 16 track multitrack
work in 4 sections and could be described as exotic trance music inspired
by the intricate rhythms and melodic sophistication of North India.
A Virtuoso tour de force.
The Book of Abbeyozzud
When Terry's son Gyan took off on a classical Guitar Career, his enthusiasm
infected his father and thus this large project of pieces all involving the
guitar either solo or in ensembles. Here is what the Critics say: 
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25th Anniversary concert. A live concert with an all-star band of Bay
Area musicians including the Kronos quartet, Jaron Lanier, Rova Sax
Quartet and many others. Of the many IN C albums, this could very well be the best!
In C In C with the Shanghai Film Orchestra
Celestial Harmonies 13026
Terry Riley's In C, one of the most influential compositions of the past
quarter century, has been played by almost every conceivable combination of
instruments; however, the Shanghai Film Orchestra's version ranks as one of the
most exciting and exotic interpretations. It marks the 25th anniversary of the piece,
and represents the first time a Western new music piece has been recorded in China.
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Terry Riley In C 
Atma ACD 22251
This 2000 performance features Raul Duguay's wonderful lyrics in French written especially for IN C and is conducted by Walter Boudreau with the ensemble of the Societe de Musique Contemporaine du Quebec and the Ensemble Vocal de Montreal.  This most outrageous performance uses In C as a launching pad to create some very imaginative musical hi jinks.  Faithful to IN C’s musical construction it adds a humor and theatrical atmospheres and shows us yet another perspective on this contemporary classic. T.H. Cannibal   

In C
Cantaloup 21004
The Bang on a Can All Stars
"Truly an All Star performance by Americas premiere new music ensemble that includes superb musicians such as Evan Ziporyn, Wu Man and Michael Lowenstern.  "This one bristles with precision and passion with wave after wave of pattern formations cascading in cosmic exuberance."
T.H. Cannibal
In C directed by Paul Hillier
This is a beautiful new recording of IN C with voices directed by Paul Hillier

Because Terry Riley's 1964 minimalist manifesto In C can be played by any combination of instruments and any number of instrumentalists, no two performances are alike. However, the present recording differs from previous versions in that the performing forces encompass a vocal group and a percussion ensemble consisting of eight marimba players and a vibraphonist who doubles on Bali gong. The score's 53 melodic patterns can be repeated as many times as desired in any octave transposition, at any dynamic level, in unison or in canon (the present recording times out to 55:19). This opens up a wealth of textural possibilities that particularly lend themselves to the human voice's expressive potential.

Under Paul Hillier's direction, the Ars Nova Copenhagen intones Riley's patterns using a wide palette of articulations (for this version, Riley underlaid the notes with vocal symbols derived from sacred texts). The singers sensitively employ treble and bass registers, head and chest voice techniques, and both sustained and percussive phrasings. The voices and mallet instruments interact beautifully. Even the steady "pulsing" C-natural upon which everything hangs (provided by a single marimbist) proves a shapelier, more dynamically varied presence than usual.

In short, we have a fresh, compelling, lovingly executed, and gorgeously engineered interpretation that all In C fans should hear. Ars Nova provides convenient access bands at 10-minute intervals, plus booklet notes by Paul Hillier that give insight into the genesis of and philosophy behind this project.
--Jed Distler

Terry Riley Repetition Orchestra
April 20th, 2000 In C performed in Moscow
Nonesuch 79639-2
A monumental 42 minute work written in Memory of Adam Harrington, son of David and Regan Harrington. 
A compassionate and moving quartet that is a great example of the Kronos/Riley collaboration at the peak of their creative powers. Masterful writing and breath taking performance.
The Harp of New Albion
Celestial Harmonies 14018

THE HARP OF NEW ALBION is a transfixing solo piano recording, conceived and performed by
world-renowned minimalist composer, the ever-innovative Terry Riley. His inspiration for this work
came from a legendary harp, left behind in the New World in 1579, on the shores of Nova Albion,
which is now called San Francisco Bay. A Native American medicine man is said to have found
the harp and placed it on a cliff where the westerly winds played upon it and temperature and humidity
changes created an ever-shifting set of tonalities.
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This CD brings together the seminal Tape Works of Terry Riley.  THE GIFT music performed in Paris 1963 by Chet Baker. Tape manipulations by Terry Riley.  This was the first occasion on which Riley used tape delay to fragment, attenuate and return time. looping tape through twin-tape recorders.  The Gift recordings referred to often by Soft Machine members, is the precursor to the landmark that launched the minimalist movement  "IN C."   BIRD OF PARADISE is a radical tape manipulation work, the earliest known plundering that inspired Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" era phase recordings.  Mescaline Mix, a tape-loop recording from 1960-62 partly inspired by Riley's experience with Mescalin and the work he did with Richard Maxfield.  For this recording, the tape-loops would extend out Riley's window to a wine bottle spindle in the yard.  Composed for Anna Halprins "The 3 legged Stool"  CONCERT FOR TWO PIANOS AND FIVE TAPE RECORDERS was recorded live at Hertz Hall on Berkeley Campus in 1960 with a humorous broadcast narrative doing the play by play.  Performed by Terry Riley and La Monte Young with broadcast announcements by Glenn Glasow.  

Organ of Corti 2
Reed Streams
(1966) Riley's first LP, originally issued in a limited deition of 1000 on Mass Art. The first appearance of the time-lag accumulator on record heard in an early version of Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band with a version of Keyboard Studies on reed organ. In addition, a psychedelic big-band adaptation of IN C (Mantra) under the direction of Walter Boudreau recorded in 1970.
Organ of Corti 3
Olson 111 (1967)
Written in 1963 for the Music High School students in Nacka Sweden, this
piece caused an uproar in its premiere in 1967. For high school chorus and
orchestra, this piece's driving pulsations are overpowering.
Organ of Corti 4
Poppy Nogood's All Night Flight
The live recording of Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight taken from a 1968 concert titled "Purple Modal Strobe Ecstacy with the Daughters of Destruction" is the perfect trigger for what anthropologist Jean Rouch called ' The Strange Mechanism" the trance state which most of this decade's electronic music aspires to induce. The immediacy and the
spectral filigree-the dervishes summoned during Riley's nocturnal concert- have been faithfully preserved on this CD.
 ----Richard Henderson. The Wire.
Soprano Saxophone Organ and time-lag Accumulator.
Celestial Harmonies 2 CD set
With their rhapsodic, Eastern-inspired melodies, spiraling rhythms and mesmerizing repetitions,
OF THE TWO PROPHETS deftly illustrate just why an entire generation of musicians has
looked to Terry Riley for inspiration. Hailed as the godfather of minimalism, Riley spent his
early years exploring the possibilities of electronic keyboards through enigmatic, multifarious improvisations.
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This CD, released in 2005 on New World records is the result of many years of of work between Terry and the Arte Saxophone Quartet from Basil Switzerland.
This CD features the Arte quartet performing with Terry as guest artist in the first
recorded performance of UNCLE JARD. Also on the CD is a rare rendition of Terry's 1954 classic TREAD ON THE TRAIL and a theatrical work commissioned by the Arte Quartet, ASSASSIN REVERIE.

World Premiere recording of Riley's "The Heaven Ladder, Book 7
Telarc 80513

This CD also includes Riley's THE WALRUS IN MEMORIUM, solo piano variations on

THE HEAVEN LADDER BOOK 7 was commissioned by a group
of pianists including Gloria Cheng and Kathy Supove. These 1994 pieces
are the first totally written out piano works I have written since the late 50"s.
Here the 5 pieces Misha's Bear Dance, Venus in 94, Ragtempus Fugatis,
Fandango on the Heaven Ladder and Simone's Lullaby are brilliantly performed
by one of new music's great pianists. The WALRUS IN MEMORIUM was written for pianist Aki Takahashi.

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