Terry Riley Discography

1966 Reed Streams Mass Art
1968 In C CBS Masterworks MS 7178
1969 A Rainbow in Curved Air CBS Masterworks MS 7315
1970 The Church of Anthrax (with John Cale) CBS
1970 Keyboard Study 2 Germ
1972 Happy Ending Waner Bros. 46125
1972 The Persian Surgery Dervishes Shandar 83501
1974 le Secret de la Vie Phillips
1978 Shri Camel CBS Masterworks M3519
1982 The Descending Moonshine Dervishes/
1983 The Ten Voices of the Two Prophets Celestial Harmonies 12047 (2 CD Package)
1985 No Man's Land Plainisphare PLl267
1985 The Ethereal Time Shadow (Music from Mills ) MC 001
1985 Cadenza on the Night Plain Gramavision 181014-1
1986 The Harp of New Albion Celestial Harmonies 14018
1986 Keys of Live Celestial Harmonies
1989 IN C with the Shanghai Film Orchestra Celestial Harmonies 13026
1989 Salome Dances for Peace Nonesuch 9 79217 I
1990 Keyboard Study 2 Piano Circus Argo
1991 June Buddhas (Lou Harrison 7 Pastorales) Music Masters 67089-2
1992 The Padova Concert Amiata Arnn 0292
1992Tread on The Trail In Good Company/Jon Gibson Point Records 434-873-2
1993 Persian Surgery Dervishes (re-issue) New Tone T29806715 2
1993 Cactus Rosary (NEW WORLD) Artifact Music ARf 006
1993 In C25th Anniversary Concert New Albion NA 071
1994 Chanting the Light of Foresight New Albion NA 064
1995 IN C Eddy de Fanti Materiali Sonori
1994 Intuitive Leaps Work Music
1996 No Man's Land (revised/reissue) Plainisphare 1267-93
1996 Lisbon Concert New Albion NA087
1996 Poppy Nogood All Night Flight V.1 Organ of Corti 4
1997 A Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles AIAI008
1998 The Piano Music of John Adams and Terry Riley Telarc Cd80513
1998 Vigil of the Snow Clam Solar/Helios Sol y Samba Records 001
1999 Reed Streams Organ of Corti 2
1999 Olson lll Ogan of Corti 3
2000 Music for the Gift Organ of Corti 1
2000 Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo Kronos Caravan Nonesuch 79490-2
2000 IN C Ictus Live Cypres 5601
2000 IN C SMCQ live with Walter Boudreau ATMA ACD2225L
2000 Good Medicine The Smith Quartet 779-043-2
2001 You're Nogood Organ of Corti V
2001 IN C The Bang on a Can All Stars Cantaloup 21004
2001 IN C The Repetition Orchestra Long Arms
2001 Requiem for Adam Kronos Quartet Nonesuch 79639-2
2002 IN C European Music Project with the electronics duo zignorii++ Wergo
2002 Keyboard Study 2 Musik production Dabring Haus undGrimm
2002 Y Bolanzero Jugendguitarrenorchester Cadenza
2002 Atlantis Nath Terry Riley solo album Sri Moonshine Music
2003 Cantos Desiertos Alexandra Hawley,Jeffrey McFadden guitar flute Naxos
2003 Rainbow in Curved Air/Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band La Repubblica
2005 Diamond Fiddle Language Riley/Scodanibbio Wergo
2005 I like You Eyes Liberty Michael McClure/Terry Riley Sri Moonshine Music
2007 The Cusp of Magic Kronos Quartet/Wu Man Nonesuch
2007 Les Yeux Fermes (reissue) Elision Fields
2008 Banana Humberto Terry Riley/Paul Dresher Ensemble Sri Moonshine Music
2008 The last Camel in Paris Terry Riley/Yamaha organ/The Shadow digital delay Sri Moonshine Music
2010 Autodreamographical Tales Terry Riley solo Tzadik
2011 Terry Riley and Gyan Riley -Live Sri Moonshine Music