Terry Riley List Of Works & Timings

string quartets and string trios (sometimes in combinations with other instruments)

Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector 1980 - string quartet - 10:16 - score and parts

G Song 1980 - string quartet - 11:03 - score and parts

The Wheel & Mythic Birds Waltz 1983 - string quartet - 16:08 - score and parts

Cadenza on the Night Plain 1983 - string quartet - 37:10 - score and parts

The Crows Rosary 1987 - string quartet and Synthesizers - score and parts

El Hombre 1993 - Piano and string Quartet - 11:33 - score and parts

The Cusp of Magic  2003 - string quartet and Pipa - score and parts
The Cusp of Magic  10:04
Buddha’s Bedroom  10:33
The Nursery             5:10
Royal Wedding         6:14
Emily and Alice         4:09
Prayer Circle            6:41

String Quartet (1960) - 17:40 - score - played from score

String Trio (1961) - 11:56 - score - played from score

The Sands 1990 - string quartet and Orchestra - 30:30 - score and parts
The Sands
Rubberlady’s Theme Music   
Ebony Horns

Salome Dances for Peace for string quartet 1985-86 - score and parts
(A cycle of 5 quartets)
Anthem of the Great Spirit        33:00
Conquest of the War Demons   34.47
The Gift                                    15:24
The Ecstacy                              18:21
Good Medicine                         13:25

Requiem for Adam - for string quartet (1999) - score and parts
Ascending the Heaven Ladder           41:49
Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo   7:05
Requiem for Adam                            21:18

Sun Rings 2001 - for string quartet, choir and pre-recorded backing track - total duration  79:58 - score and parts
Hero Danger
Planet Elf Sindoori
Earth Whistlers
Earth/Jupiter Kiss
The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour
Prayer Central
Venus Upstream

Mario in Cielo 1998 - for string quartet - 10:12

Lacrymosa (Remembering Kevin) 1998 - for string quartet - 9:17 - score and parts

Transylvanian Horn Courtship  2008 - for sting quartet
using custom designed Stroh stringed instruments created by Walter Kitundu and real time looping devices      
ca 43 minutes            
score and parts

Transylvanian Horn Courtship part 2  2008 - for string quartet with normal stringed instruments 

The Welcoming Baptism of Sweet Daisy Grace 
ca 13 minutes       
score and parts


Remember this o Mind -1997 - version one for string quintet,  wind quintet and voice…
version two for  string orchestra with synthesizer and voice - score and parts
Remember this o Mind     10:18
Only a Day                         8:23
Even Your Beloved Wife   10:51

June Buddha’s 1990 -for choir and orchestra - score and parts and includes rehearsal score for choir
224th chorus       6:23
204th chorus     10:15
216th chorus       7:25

SolTierraLuna 2007 - for violin, 2 guitars and orchestra - score and parts
Sol (the Royal 88)     12:36
Moonwaves                5:25
Tierra                          9:35
Sarabande for Iraq     12:40

The Sands  (see also string quartet music) 30:30 - score and parts

Deepchandi for string orchestra and electronic backing track 15:07
score, parts and prerecorded backing track

Jade Palace 1990 - for large orchestra - 50:38
Not available….undergoing revision

Half Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight - for string orchestra - 9:18
score and parts.

She’s So Heavy Variations 2001 - for string orchestra and Harpsichord - 11:23
score and parts

ArchAngels 2003 - for 8 cellos - 19:12 - score and parts

Zephir for Violin and Orchestra 2009 - 17:40 - score and parts

Works for  Piano (fully notated)

Two Pieces for Piano 1958/59 - 12:00 - score

Concert for 2 Pianists and 5 tape recorders  1961 - tape reels have been lost but could be recreated - score exists

The Heaven Ladder Book 7  1994 - solo piano - score
Misha’s Bear Dance  2:32
Venus in 94 3:55
Ragtempus Fugatis 6:28
Fandango on the Heaven Ladder 11:16

The Heaven Ladder Book 5 - piano 4 hands - score
Cinco de Mayo  13:31
Jaztine   8:48
Waltz for Charismas   5:42
Tango Doble Ladiado  3:57
Etude From the Old Country 11:30

The Walrus in Memorium 1991-93 - 7:35 - score

Banana Humberto 2000 - concerto for piano and electro acoustic band 2002 - score and parts
Washed Ashore 18:15
The Maze 7:25
Goodbye Goodtimes Blues for Milennium’s Child 15:33
Danzero  13:20

Be Kind to One Another Rag  2007 - solo piano - 13:40 - score


The Harp of New Albion for Piano1983/85 - tuned in just intonation - 110:05 
(Recorded on the Celestial Harmonies Label)  
The New Albion Chorale/The Discovery  21:31
The Orchestra of the Tao 15:30
Riding the Westerleys  16:40
Cadence on the Wind 5:02
Premonition Rag 6:37
Return of the Ancestors 10:00
Ascending Whale Dreams 8:30
The Magic Knot Waltz  9:25
Circle of Woves  9:40
Lands End  6:51
The Dream          for Piano in Just Intonation  1999   Ca 108:00

The Heaven Ladder Book 6, NIGHT MUSIC  1996? - Length indeterminate
Night Music
Waltz of the Insomniacs
Black Knight
Requiem for Wally  (notated but not complete)
There only exist minimal sketches for The Heaven Ladder book 6

The following piano solos in these durations were recorded on the LISBON CONCERT CD
Arica 11:43
Negro Hall 14:40
15/16        5:30
Havana Man    6:23
Island of Never Anger   8:33
Peace Dance   5:47    based on themes from the Anthem of the Great Spirit from Salome Dances for Peace
Underworld Arising  2:43    based on a theme from Conquest of the War Demons from Salome Dances for Peace
The Ecstacy        4:46    based on the main theme from The Ecstacy from Salome Dances for Peace
The Lake  4:16  a piano adaptation of the music from Across the Lake of the Ancient Word from Shri Camel.
Mongolian Winds   6:49  ( based on the music of the same name from THE GIFT for string quartet.
No complete notation for these works

Ebony Horns 1990 - solo piano version - indeterminate length

The Philosophers Hand 1999 - Indeterminate length

Song from the Old Country 1979-89 - indeterminate length

The Melodious Junkyard 2006 - for prepared piano
ca 40 minutes  ( no score )
no complete notation for these works

Keyboard Studies 1 &2 1965 - (length indeterminate of these pieces but usually 10-20 minutes) - score


The Universal Bridge  2008 - notated in the composers hand as a piano chart to include improvisation - (duration ca one hour)   Anthem for Disney Hall
The Bull
The Shape of Flames
Hurricane Mama Blues
this is a manuscript score in piano staves.

Saxophone Quartets

Chanting the Light of Foresight  Saxophone Quartet 1987 - 52:00 - score and parts
The Tuning Path    17:12
The Pipes of Medb  and Medb’s Blues       7:01
Song Announcing Dawn’s Combat             8:49
The Chord of War  ( composed by the Rova Sax quartet, not Terry)  5:36
Ferdia’s Death Chant                                    4:11
Chanting the Light of Foresight                    8:49

Mandala Miniatures Saxophone Quartet 1999 - score and parts
Fanfare                                    :18
Dead Ants                               1:21
Urbanocity                               :25
Fog in Frisco                           1:21
Sardophonia                            1:11
Maid in Old Mexico                 2:18
Senor Fast Tracks                    2:12
Onda Verde                              2:17
Circling You                              2:34
Urbanotica                                :27
Song of the Earth                      :45
Leonid’s Logic Link                  1:10
Korus with Koda                      3:42
Papa Haydn’s Music Room       1:46
Right Turn in Gyor                     1:08
Tea with the Raj                         2:45

Uncle Jard Saxophone quartet, voice, piano, harpsichord 1998 - 19:38 - score and parts
Part 1 5:17
Part 2  8;36
Part 3  5:32

Assassin Reverie Saxophone quartet and electronic backing track  18:43 - score and parts

Misc. Compositions

What the River Said 1997 - for baroque violin and  baroque cello, surbahar, mridangham, 1 ladies voice, one mans voice and synthesizer  
CA 35:00
score and parts

Olde English  for solo Cello 2003 - 14:09 -  score

Bruces Traveling Machine for solo cello  and backing tracks 2005 - indeterminate length - score and parts

The Slaving Wheel of Meat Conception 2007 - for violin, cello, bass, voice, piano, flute,  bass clarinet and percussion
this work is based on Keyboard Study  #2
CA 40:00
score  and parts.

Dorian Reeds 1964/65 - for saxophone with tape delay processing.
this score is a reconstruction of the 1966 recording made on the Mass Art label and was done by Ulrich Krieger in 2001
duration 15-20 minutes  

Songs composed for Terry’s Bands, Khayal, The Vigil Band and the Terry Riley All Stars
these all involve improvisation so durations vary from performance to performance

A Dervesh in the Nursery  1990  Incomplete score
The Traveling Machine 1982  Khayal  no chart
Embroidery  1979  Khayal
Ebony Horns  arranged from THE SANDS 1990  no score
Reading the Signs  1990  Khayal     score exists
Work Song  2003  a duo for Guitar and piano/synthesizer   chart exists.
Amina  2005  The All Stars     chart exists
Pictures and Stories 2005  The All Stars chart exists
Real  2005  The All Stars   chart exists
The Lions Throne 2005  All Stars chart exists
Flexible Mind  for prepared piano and voice 2005  chart exists
Emerald Runner  1980  Khayal 
Darshan 2000     duo for guitar and violin   chart exists
Crazy World  2006  
Hey Mister  2006  The Vigil Band   chart exits.
Nur Dendia  2006   The All Stars    chart exists
Rest, You Did Your Best The All Stars    chart exists
Turning  1990    Khayal and the All Stars   chart exists
Shield of Baghdad 2003  The Vigil Band   chart exists
Baghdad Highway  2003  voice and synthesizer  no chart
Shades of White  1990  Khayal  score exists
Eastern Man  1980   Khayal    no score
Curse of the 7 Generations Blues 2005 (Terry Riley and the All Stars with John Zorn) chart exits.

Chamber Works

Spectra 1959 - for Vln, Vla, Cello, Fl. Cl. Bassoon
CA 10’
score and parts

Envelope 1960 - for Pno, Soprano Sax, French Horn, Vln    
CA 8’
does not use a score and is played from the 4 parts.

IN C 1964 - for any instruments - (usual length 45” to 1’45”)  score which is the part for all players

Autumn Leaves 1965 / 1964 - for any instruments  - (usual length 30’

Tread on the Trail 1965 - for any instruments (usual length 15’ to 35’)

Olson 111 1967 - for any sized vocal and instrumental combination (usual length 25 minutes)

The Room of Remembrance 1987 - for Vibraphone, Marimba, Soprano Saxophone and Piano - 31:59
score and parts

The Crow’s Rosary 1987 - for string quartet and synthesizers
CA 30:00

The Bowed Rosary 1988 - for bowed piano ensemble and synthesizers

Cactus Rosary 1989 - 33:00 - for narrator, clarinet & bass clarinet, trumpet, 2 percussion, piano, bass and peyote rattle       
everyone plays from the hand written score

Salome’s Excellent Extension 1990 - for vibraphone, marimba, soprano saxophone and piano - 37:42   
no score…played from parts.

Ritmos and Melos 1993 - for violin, piano and percussion - 21:27
score and parts

Four Woelfli Portraits 1992 - flute violin, clarinets, saxophones, cello, piano & 2 percussion
CA 40:00
score and parts

Loops for Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy-Warriors Racing down the Slopes of Battle 2007 - for chamber orchestra
Damage to Babylon 12:02
The Descendifying Spiral  5:30
Loops for Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy-Warriors Racing down the Slopes of Battle 6:21
score and parts

Atodreamographical Tales  (version 2008) - for narrator, voice, clarinet, synthesizers, piano, guitar,cello,bass and percussion
ca. 30 minutes
score and parts

Science Fiction 2008 - for narrator, voice, clarinet, synthesizers, piano, guitar,cello,bass and percussion
ca. 30 minutes    
score and parts

Choral Works

The Mexico City Blues Chorus 193 SSATBB  1993
ca 9:00

FairyTale #1 A Big Hand for Dr. Seuss, Please  2006 - for narrator, SATB,
flugal horn, bassoon, bass trombone, tuba 2 percussion  9:41 - score and parts

Sun Rings has two pieces for choir:

Earth Whistlers - for 12 ladies voices and String Quartet and specially treated sounds recorded in space by NASA 10:05
score and parts

Prayer Central - for large Choir  SATB, String Quartet and specially treated sounds recorded in space by NASA 15:13  
score and parts

Works for Guitar, solo and with ensemble

Solo Guitar
Barabas solo guitar 4:48    score
Ascencion solo guitar 13:36  score
Piedad solo guitar  score

Cantos Desiertos - for flute and guitar with alternate violin version - 23:56
score and parts

Dias de los Muertos - for percussion and guitar - 13:30
score and parts

Y Bolanzero 2001- for 7 guitars - 12:54
score and parts

Las Puertas - for guitar and piano -10:20
score and parts

Zamorra - for 2 Guitars - 9:46  
score and parts

Taboo Danzas
Taboo Danza Osamiana - for bass clarinet and guitar -2003 - 11:03  score and parts
Sadamiana  Muy Taboo  - for bass clarinet and guitar -2003 - 10:29  score and parts

Quando Cosas Malas Caen del Cielo
National Broadstreet March   National Steel Guitar in Just Intonation  6:44  score
Corriente Directo   National Steel Guitar in Just Intonation  2:48 score
Quando Cosas Malas Caen del Cielo  National Steel Guitar in Just Intonation  5:18 score

Moonshine Sonata  National Steel Guitar in Just Intonation and Korg Triton Synthesizer
ca 25:00

SolTierraLuna - (see orchestral works)
score and parts

Works for Theater
(None of these works are scored but there are audio recordings of all) 

The Four Legged Stool 1961 - for the Anna Halprin Dance Co. - Mescalin Mix is the music used for this dance.

Music for the Gift  1963 - a play by  Kenneth Dewey  
ca 40:00

The Saint Adolf Ring  1993 - a chamber opera in two acts
there is a two hour archive recording and low quality videos from various performances

Incidental Music for Josephine the Mouse Singer 2000 - 74:09  a play by Michael McClure
there are audio recordings of all the incidental music used in this play

Incidental music for The Beard  2006 - a play by Michael McClure
The Beard Theme  Guitar  2:32   score
The Beard Progression  Guitar 3:02  score
Cantina d’Amore 10:16   Piano Harmonium  no score
The Kid   Synthesizer orchestra 4:22  no score
The Beard Theme  piano  4:32  no score

Tape Music Works

Concert for 2 Pianos and 5 Tape Recorders 1960 - 7:46 - (the pianos are live  in this version)
score exists but pre recorded tapes are lost

Music for the Gift  1963 - a collaboration with Chet Baker
tape is a looped manipulation of the Chet Baker Quartet performance.
Music for the Gift (part 1)       5:45    
Music for the Gift (part 2)       1:52                
Music for the Gift (part 3)       4:36    

Mescaline Mix  1961-62  for stereo tape playback      14:23              

The Bird of Paradise  1964 - tape manipulation of Shotgun by Junior Walker
Bird of Paradise (part 1)          5:01    
Bird of Paradise (part 2)          6:35    
Bird of Paradise (part 3)          4:37    
Bird of Paradise (part 4)          6:49    
Bird of Paradise (part 5)          3:44    

I  1964 - 5:18 - tape manipulation of the voice of John Graham

That’s  Not You!  1966 - 19:21 - tape manipulation of the voice of  8 year old, Colleen Riley

Shoeshine  1964 - tape manipulation of the voice of organist Jimmy Smith’s Walk on the Wild Side

You’re  Nogood  1967 - tape manipulation of the You’re Nogood by the Harvey Arverne Dozen
concert for 2 Pianos and 5 Tape Recorders, Music for the Gift, Mescaline Mix..and You’re Nogood have all been released as part of the Terry Riley Archive recordings on The Organ of Corti label.